Dental Technology

At Colony Dental, providing the highest-quality dental care and customer service are our top priorities. For that reason, we use only the most advanced dental technology and techniques. We provide our Sugar Land patients with cutting-edge dental tools and equipment, including all the following:

3D Cone Beam CT

Cone beam is a special type of x-ray used in cases where traditional imaging is not enough. Dental cone-beam CT (computed tomography) is not a routine test due to radiation exposure. Compared to traditional dental x-rays, exposure is significantly greater. However, the cone beam has lower radiation exposure than a conventional CT scan. A cone beam scan uses state-of-the-art technology to produce detailed 3D images. Your dentist in Sugar Land can generate images of nerve paths, dental structures, bone, and soft tissues in the craniofacial region with one scan. As a result, the more precise images obtained to allow for more accurate treatment planning.

Diode Laser

Your Sugar Land dentist might use the dental diode laser (soft tissue laser) to perform frenectomy and frenotomy, incisional and excisional biopsies, gingivectomy to toughen soft tissue for crown impressions, gingival excision and incision, implant recovery, incision to drain abscesses, tooth whitening, pulpotomy, oral papillectomy, and reduction hypertrophy.

This laser has a lightweight and compact design. It allows for minimally invasive removal of dead, damaged, or diseased tissue. There is also a reduced need for anesthesia. In addition, diode lasers have demonstrated bactericidal capabilities. For that reason, they are also used to perform adjunctive periodontal procedures. As a result, there is less post-op discomfort for the patient and minimal surgical trauma.

T-Scan (Digital Bite Check)

The T-scan is a digital bite check system. T-scan at Colony Dental is one of the key digital services that we offer at our Sugar Land practice. Digital bite analysis provides significantly improved results for our patients. However, few new patients are aware that this cutting-edge dental equipment exists and is available.

Traditionally, your dentist would perform a bite analysis by utilizing various marking devices. Some methods used to bite check include waxes, articulating paper, and pressure indicator paste. To help a patient achieve a comfortable bite, dentists rely on experience and their knowledge of how teeth should come together.

T-scan is an advanced tool that more accurately measures the location of bite force, intensity, and timing

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is an advanced instrument used to examine your oral cavity in a very detailed way. This special tool resembles an extra-large pen with a hi-res camera. With it, we can capture high-resolution images of your mouth. What’s more, this footage is displayed on a monitor in real-time.

There are many advantages to using an intraoral camera in Sugar Land. The advanced features include LED lighting, a rotating head, and power magnification capabilities. These benefits are great for your dentist because they allow for extreme detail and more accurate diagnoses. Even more, what benefits your dentist will ultimately benefit you!