Dr. Samuel Cress Published Paper Overview for Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance

Sleep Apnea and Dentistry?

Dr. Samuel Cress has been creating beautiful smiles for 20 years in the Sugar Land area.  During that time, Dr. Cress has developed a passion that drives him to improve the lives of his patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and TMD. Dr. Cress has been researching diligently to further the development of an oral appliance that treats adults with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), as well as TMD, with great success.

Sleep Apnea Paper

An oral appliance is a viable alternative treatment for those suffering from sleep apnea as it eliminates reliance on the more traditional CPAP machine. Research supports that a sleep apnea oral appliance may go one step further, than just traditional treatment, by actually contributing to permanent improvements. It further shows the success of this appliance as a treatment option compared to another common sleep apnea treatments like surgery.

In January of 2016, Dr. Cress co-authored a paper titled Biomimetic Oral Appliance Therapy in Adults with Severe obstructive Sleep Apnea, a published research document that was accepted into the Journal of Sleep Disorders. The paper concludes that this sleep apnea appliance (BOAT) may be a useful method of managing mild to moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea in adults and represents an alternative to CPAP and MADs.

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