Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry – A Comprehensive Integration Course

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Date(s) - 05/01/2015 - 05/02/2015

Arrowhead Dental Lab
11170 South State
Sandy, UT 84070

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Discover the Fast Track to the Future of Treating Sleep Apnea in your Practice

Learn how to make sleep dentistry a profitable part of your practice. Upon completion of this three day course, you will walk away with the skills and knowledge so that Monday morning you will be able to:

  • Screen patients suffering with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Collaborate with MD’s to plan and develop treatment options for your patients
  • Integrate different advanced therapies for OSA treatment
  • Non-surgically enhance your patient’ s airway using the DNA™ Appliance System
  • Market Sleep Dentistry and Sleep Apnea Solutions for your practice
  • Increase profitability and practice production

This Course is for Dentists:

  • Seeking a comprehensive dental sleep dentistry course
  • Interested in immediate integration of OSA treatment for their practice
  • Looking for the most advanced and effective treatments for OSA
  • Desiring to become a certified DNA™ Appliance provider

You Will Also Learn:

  • Diagnosis and treatment using DNA™ Appliance system
  • Application and use of Home Sleep Tests
  • Titration techniques for successful appliance therapy
  • Hands-on DNA™ Appliance adjustments and applications
  • Successful strategies for dealing with medical and dental insurance
  • Referral building strategies for OSA treatment