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There is an old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the case of dentistry, this means taking care of your teeth and getting into the office long before a problem has a chance to spin out of control. By doing so, you will spend less money and time at the dental clinic. At Colony Dental, we strongly believe in preventive dentistry, and our services are designed to prevent dental problems from ever starting. Having this level of dedication to optimal dental health is something that our patients appreciate. Our office strives to help patients embrace preventive dentistry.


What Are Some Examples of Preventive Dentistry?

The first thing to know about preventive dentistry is that unlike more significant procedures, you are essentially in and out of the chair in less than half an hour. The most common procedure in preventive dentistry is dental cleaning. The way cleaning works is that the dentist or hygienist removes plaque from all around your teeth. Removing plaque is key to keeping your teeth healthy. Plaque build-up causes problems with the gums and could lead to cavities along with more serious dental issues, such as tooth loss. Cleaning should be scheduled every six months.

Oral Cancer Screening

You’ve probably heard about the importance of regular screenings for certain types of cancers such as breast, colon, and prostate. But did you know that having an annual oral cancer screening is equally important to your health? How important? Keep reading.

Oral cancer can affect every age group. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, one person will die every hour in the United States due to oral cancer, and it can strike patients of all ages, regardless of whether or not they outwardly appear to be healthy.

E-Cigarettes are a contributor too. Unfortunately, many people believe the false notion that because e-cigarettes are safe to use since they don’t actually burn, they are safer to use. But in truth, the liquid is still heated up to create a vapor, and it’s those vaporized compounds that pose as many risks as traditional cigarettes.

Although there are certain symptoms of oral cancer that you may notice at home, such as a persistent cough sore, chronic hoarseness, abnormal swallowing, and an unusual sore throat, one of the most frightening truths about oral cancer is that its early stages are often asymptomatic – which means you may not feel it.

Fluoride Treatment

Our team at Colony Dental is pleased to offer patients in the nearby area of Sugar Land with a wide range of tips and treatments that help to keep their smiles healthy, strong, and beautiful. Fluoride treatments are a popular way to protect teeth for individuals of any age. Fluoride benefits teeth by remineralize tooth enamel that is weak while slowing down the process of mineral loss from the enamel. It is also used when your dentist notices the early stages of tooth decay as a way to reverse its effects and prevents harmful bacteria from growing in your mouth. Fluoride treatments are commonly used for younger patients who have a more difficult time keeping their teeth thoroughly clean and free of bacteria. However, this does not mean that adults cannot benefit from fluoride treatment as well.


As strong as tooth enamel is and how effective it is at protecting our teeth, there is always a risk of tooth decay, especially in children. We can do our best to encourage children to brush and floss regularly, but for an additional level of protection, dental sealants can be helpful. Both children and adults can receive dental sealants if they feel they may be at risk for cavities.

Preventative Practices at Home

Taking care of your teeth is the ultimate form of preventive dentistry. There are a few things you can do to ensure your teeth are properly taken care of. The first is to get an electric toothbrush. An electric toothbrush is far better when it comes to cleaning your teeth thoroughly than a manual one. The next thing is to make sure to brush twice per day to prevent plaque from building up. Lastly, flossing should be done before bed. If you do these things, you will have a minimal amount of plaque at check-ups.

Colony Dental is ready to help our patients get the best preventative care. Give us a call today for any services relating to preventive dentistry in Sugar Land, TX.

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