Feeling Anxious? Choose Sedation Dentistry Near You in Sugar Land, TX


There are different sedation options to keep you comfortable throughout your appointment and our dentists here are all trained professionals to offer you sedation dentistry services.


Nitrous Oxide

This is the lightest model of sedation that we have available. With this type of sedation, the nitrous can be reversed within 5 minutes of completing the procedure and you are able to drive home on your own afterward.

Oral Conscious Sedation

With this type of sedation, you are prescribed a medication that you take a half-hour before the procedure. You are sedated just enough to not know what is going on during the procedure. You need to have a driver take you home after the procedure.

IV Conscious Sedation

This type of sedation uses an IV line to administer meds and is deeper than the oral sedation. The sedation is monitored by an MD anesthesiologist. You need to have a driver take you home after the procedure.

Schedule an appointment with us for sedation dentistry in Sugar Land, TX, and take assistance from our best dentists here at the clinic.

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