Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Sugar Land, TX

When your tooth becomes damaged, a dentist does their best to keep them healthy and restore their strength. At Colony Dental in Sugar Land, we can handle damage that is small or damage that is large. In teeth that have been compromised, we can provide dental crowns that fit onto teeth and keep them protected from further damage. It also restores the distribution of pressure in the mouth, keeping your bite properly aligned and making it easier to eat, speak, and enjoy doing your favorite activities. Our office does offer Cerec technology to make same-day crowns. These crowns only require one appointment – please call our office to learn more about the options that we have to offer.

Colony Dental is a dental clinic that caters to all of your dental problems and offers the best services to ensure that dental health is maintained and taken care of. For dental crowns in Sugar Land, TX schedule an appointment with one of our dentists and avail the necessary treatment.


The first thing your dentist will do is take an impression of your teeth to design a dental crown that will fit into your mouth properly. A shade that matches the color of your natural teeth will be chosen so that the crown fits in with the rest of your teeth. The dentist will make a model of your teeth and the crown so that you can see the results and the crown can be made to look as natural as possible.

You may also get an x-ray done in order to make sure that the design is perfect. The tooth will then be prepared for the crown, which involves removing some of the enamel to make room for the crown in your mouth. Without doing this, the crown would push into other teeth and may cause damage to the mouth and enamel.


Once the tooth has been prepared, your dentist will place a temporary crown on the tooth until your permanent crown has been completed. When the permanent crown has arrived, you can schedule an appointment and get it put onto the tooth. The area will be numbed and the temporary crown will be removed before placing the permanent one onto the tooth. Once it has been fitted and adjusted, you can enjoy your replacement crown.

If you have more questions or would like additional information about dental crowns and how they may be beneficial to your teeth and your oral health, speak with someone at Colony Dental to learn more about your oral health and how to maintain it. Schedule an appointment with our dentist for dental crowns in Sugar Land.

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