Sleep Dentistry

We Specialize in Sleep Dentistry and Sleep Apnea Services

When Dr. Cress took his practice into a new area, he received several accolades for his extensive studies and research into an emerging practice area we call sleep dentistry. Many people don’t realize exactly how their dental condition may be impacting their chances for healthy sleep, and these services are designed to help them with sleep apnea and TMJ.

Millions of people suffer from sleep apnea every day. It has been linked to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and early onset dementia. Until recently, the only way to effectively treat it was with a CPAP machine, which involved forcing air through a mask that you wore all night to keep your airways open. Unfortunately, between the mask and the noisy machine, it wasn’t exactly the most comfortable sleeping arrangement.

The device we use is a simple appliance that is easily inserted into the mouth where it will hold the jaw forward enough to keep the airways open while you sleep. Studies are even starting to show that this mouth piece may even improve your overall condition over time.

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