Sugar Land Dentist, Dr. Sam Cress Makes Headlines

Over the years, Sugar Land Dentist, Dr. Sam Cress has made headlines because of his general and cosmetic dentistry, but also because of his specialty work in the area of sleep apnea and TMJ. Here is reference pieces from one those publications:

Fort Bend Focus Cover Story

Remodeling for Life, Restructuring For Beauty, Discover the DNA Difference … Beautifully

This article discusses how dentists are seeing patients for more and more needs as technology and their training advances. It goes on to discuss how Dr. Sam Cress’ specialty practice, Center for Craniofacial & Dentistry Sleep Medicine (CFDSM), has evolved by tracking patient complaints and making correlations between their conditions and serious issues like Sleep Apnea, which Cress now treats with a DNS oral appliance. It also presents a number of client success stories from patients in his Sugar Land dentistry practice.