Suvorexant is an insomnia drug that helps people fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer

Suvorexant: FDA Approves Drug to Treat Insomnia by Helping Initiate and Maintain Sleep


…but, is the issue really Sleep Apnea?

Treat Insomnia With Suvorexant

A new insomnia drug approved by the FDA promises to help people treat insomnia by allowing them to fall asleep easier and remain asleep. The hypnotic Suvorexant works a little differently, from a chemical standpoint, than other drugs prescribed to treat insomnia.

Problems getting to sleep and staying asleep are among the most common complaints heard by professionals in medicine and psychiatry.  Everybody knows they need to sleep, but when this becomes a problem, they look for an aid.  Suvorexant could be the ideal aid, delivering better performance and more safety than some hypnotics on the market.

Suvorexant is classed as an orexin-receptor antagonist and is the first drug in this class approved for any use by the FDA.  Other insomnia drugs include benzodiazepine-receptor agonists such as zolpidem and eszopiclone; the melatonin-receptor agonist ramelteon; and low-dose doxepin, which is a histamine-receptor antagonist.

The new drug is designed to help people fall asleep, and it also works to keep people asleep, something most hypnotics have trouble accomplishing.  In clinical trials, orexin antagonists have proven effective when delivered 30 minutes before going to bed with a minimum of seven hours until expected wake-up time.

How many people have insomnia?

If you don’t suffer from bouts of insomnia, all of this may not mean a lot to you.  But for those who struggle with sleep, suvorexant, sold under the brand name Belsomra, might be just what they’re looking for.  How prevalent is insomnia among the world’s population?

  • 30-35% of people have occasional insomnia symptoms.
  • 15-20% have a periodic insomnia disorder lasting less than three months.
  • 10% have chronic insomnia that affects them at least three times per week over a course of three months.

People with insomnia, particularly the chronic variety, are at risk for several serious health issues including depression and high blood pressure.  Some individuals are able to treat their sleep problems with relaxation therapy and other psychological measures, while others must rely on assistance from prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Could a Insomnia Concern Actually Be Sleep Apnea?

Sleep deprivation that’s caused by insomnia needs to be dealt with.  But what about sleep deprivation whose only cause is sleep apnea?  For these people, all the drugs in the world won’t make a difference – and powerful hypnotics in large doses could kill them by preventing their natural mechanisms from stirring them out of sleep when they stop breathing.

Treat Sleep Apnea with DNA Oral Appliance

DNA Appliance - Oral Appliance for Sleep ApneaDr. Sam Cress of the Center for Craniofacial & Dental Sleep Medicine in Sugar Land, Texas wants everybody to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re having sleep issues and believe they may be caused by sleep apnea rather than “traditional” insomnia, contact Dr. Cress regarding an innovative new approach in sleep apnea treatment – the DNA appliance for sleep apnea, which is worn like a mouthpiece during sleep to prevent periodic episodes of breathing cessation.

To talk to someone about your sleep concerns and find out more about sleep apnea treatment, call (281) 565-4100.  If your trouble isn’t sleep apnea but rather just insomnia, we can perform an initial screening and refer you to a top local insomnia professional.