April Davis, DMD

Hey Dr. Cress,

It was a pleasure meeting you a couple weekends ago at Arrowhead as well. I really enjoyed your class and to be honest, I think it was one of the best ones that I have attended yet and I’ve only got one more to go. It’s funny because initially when I signed up about two years ago for the new dentist package that Arrowhead offers I wasn’t too excited about the sleep course because I thought, “well I don’t really know anything about this and it seems hokey.” I’m learning more and more, you don’t know what you don’t know. It was anything but hokey and I think sometimes life is just directed in ways that are there to surprise and amaze you at times. I have been stepping back and looking beyond teeth and what do you know, just by doing that I have been able assess them in my mind and then they turn around and start talking about how they have a CPAP but don’t use it or something to that affect. I can now see a lot more. So thank you for that. I have had some consults but most people want their insurance to pay for it if its covered. The office I’m at does not file their insurance so I haven’t seen anyone back yet to get started. No today doesn’t mean no forever. I’m thinking about talking to the owner to try the Meridian appliance and will see what he says. Well I’ve got to get going, but just wanted to follow up and say thank you.