K.M. Testimonial

I’ve been in therapy for sleep disorder since 2005. Even longer if you count all the years of weight problems, depression, fatigue and having trouble staying asleep at night. I first started using a CPAP machine in 2005 after having sleep tests and diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea. I had tried several different types of masks, head gear and chin straps. Uncomfortable nights and nights where I would get a leak in the mask. Not an attractive look either!

Last year I was directed to Dr. Sam Cress for a consultation for a new form of sleep apnea control. I was a little skeptical at first, but I’ve been so very pleased with my treatment with the DNA appliance.

Today I am sleeping, dreaming, waking up rested. I have made progress in my weight loss, fatigue and depression. My “numbers” are awesome! Proof that what I’m feeling as success is truly working. A miracle in my mouth!”