Larry C.

My best decision in years.

No I did not buy Apple Stock . About 5 years ago I was about to attend my 50th high school reunion. I had seen a few of my class mates and they seem bent on getting facelifts and such. That never appealed to me but I did mention to Dr. Cress that I would be attending such a reunion and being a fairly normal guy I wanted to look my best. He suggested an upgrade not to my face which can go either way but to my teeth.

I went ahead with the program which entailed replacing my old fillings and metal based crowns that took away from my looks and smile. He replaced my fillings with custom crafted Elite Emax crowns and veneers. When I went to the reunion I did see plenty of new faces ( facelifts). My class mates kept looking at me and said what is it about you that makes you look younger ? I just smiled and said ” remember I was one of the young ones in the class. I am a December baby. ”

I did not let on to my secret but for sure it is one of the best investments I ever made. I am still smiling. Thanks Dr. Cress.