Mary Sullivan Testimonial

Dear Dr. Cress and Staff,

Just wanted to say how nice it was to see you all during my last check up. I used to worry about going to my check ups concerned that the outcome would be hearing I was going to need “more work” just to keep the rather unattractive teeth I had. As you know, for years I was fighting a losing battle with a chronic infection in the gums of my crowded lower teeth. I took Advil frequently just to manage the discomfort from the infection flare ups. My “new teeth” have eliminated that ongoing infection and pain associated with it. While my favorite result of my new teeth is my smile (and the confidence that goes with it!) the fact that my oral health has improved so much is such an important outcome to having my new teeth. So thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for helping me smile again after losing my girl. I am blessed to have you in my life! Can’t wait to see you at my next visit.

Love and gratitude,