Michael Testimonial

For years I have been struggling with sleep apnea, snoring, and restless nights. Over the past few years, several devices have been introduced to combat the issues I have been dealing with. Unfortunately, some have been gimmicks, and others just treat the symptoms and do not resolve the issue. Many of the products and surgical procedures I looked at also had poor results and required annoying machines. I wasn’t looking to just treat the symptoms, and I wasn’t convinced that surgery was my best choice, but I had to do something…I wasn’t the only one losing sleep over my problem!

A new product was introduced to me a few months ago called a DNA Appliance. The first night I wore the product I actually slept better, and my wife said I snored less. I have been wearing the appliance for a few months now, and my wife and I have noticed a lot of changes. Not only has my sleep apnea, snoring, and restless nights vanished, I have noticed that my constant indigestion, difficulty breathing while exercising, and morning headaches have also gone. As an added bonus, I have noticed that my dreams are more vivid, and easier to remember. My dentist, Dr. Sam Cress, who introduced me to the product, has also informed me that the product will straighten my teeth, and as it corrects my jaw and breathing it will give me a more youthful look…

I truly believe that the DNA Appliance was the best decision I could have made, and my wife is very thankful I made it!