T.L. Testimonial

I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for restoring a peaceful night’s sleep to our lives!! My husband has had severe snoring problems for approximately 12 years, with apnea becoming a concern over the past 2 years. We tried everything to stop the snoring: new pillows, devices to try to keep him on his side, allergy medicines, Breathe Right snore strips, and more. Nothing worked, much to my dismay! Then just as I had all but given up on getting a decent night’s sleep, you made him the specialized mouth guard! All I can say is WOW! There has already been a huge improvement in two weeks! The apnea spells have completely stopped, and he is going three hours or more without a single ‘snort’. I find myself waking up worrying because he’s so quiet when he sleeps!! We truly appreciate your commitment to his care and making sure the mouth guard is adjusted to allow maximum benefits. I would recommend this treatment to everyone who has snoring issues; it has made a huge difference in our lives! My husband just said yesterday that he can’t believe how much more energy he has now during the day! Thanks again!