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TMJ Treatment

What is TMJ?

With over 35 million suffering with the disease in the United States, you may be wondering, What is TMJ? or How Can I get TMJ pain relief? TMJ is associated with jaw pain or facial pain in the Temporomandibular joint known as Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD. Diagnosis can be complex but typically involves a person who is experiencing limitation in jaw movements however other symptoms of TMD can be prevalent. There are two temporomandibular joints on either side of the face and one or both can be affected, causing multiple issues for the patient.

TMJ Symptoms

• Speech Problems
• Eating Difficulties
• Swallowing Problems
• Jaw and Facial Pain
• Difficulty in Making Facial Expressions
• Breathing Problems
• Head and Neck Pain

At times other diseases of TMD can affect the jaw muscle and mimic similar symptoms so it is best to be evaluated by a clinically trained dental professional with certification in the area of TMD/TMJ treatment. The American Association for Dental Research (AADR) recommends that a diagnosis of TMD or related orofacial pain conditions should be based primarily on information obtained from the patient’s history and a clinical examination of the head and neck.

TMJ Treatment

At the Center for Craniofacial and Dental Sleep Medicine in Houston, Texas, we offer treatment for TMJ based on a patient exam involving an individualized consultation and patient history. These are important steps to get the patient on the road to TMJ pain relief. In addition to a detailed history and a careful clinical examination, imaging studies of the teeth and jaws may sometimes be helpful as a diagnostic tool. These include: routine dental x-rays and panoramic radiographs, and computed tomography (CT or CAT scan).

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