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5 Dental Problems That Require an Emergency Dentist

You might find yourself in situations where a dental problem comes so suddenly that waiting for your dentist is impossible. Emergencies need not be ignored because the symptoms that come along can aggravate fast and become fatal if ignored.

Cases such as severe cracks in teeth, knocked out teeth, bleeding, and more are clear indicators you need immediate emergency dental services. Otherwise, overlooking them can create further complications that will be harder and costlier to treat.

How do you qualify a situation for a dental emergency?


Patients often struggle to determine if a situation requires immediate dental attention. Sore gums and teeth do not need an emergency dentist in Sugarland. However, extreme toothaches or bleeding are alarming conditions requiring immediate attention.

Significant tooth damages and situations like lost dentures, crowns, or fillings demand immediate dental care. You can make a phone call to your dentist for clarification if you’re unsure about the severity of a condition.

Situations when you need emergency dentistry in Sugarland, TX


Some cases require immediate attention, while some can wait for your dentist to be available. Below are five dental cases that require immediate professional treatment.

  • Bashed out teeth

Immediate dental care is required if you lose or break a tooth due to trauma. These cases are common if you are a sports guy. After a tooth is knocked out, there are chances that the surrounding gum and nerves are damaged too.

If ignored, the complication could further worsen and become costly to treat. In this case, immediate rinsing with saline water is vital. Instantly locate the tooth and carry it by the crown to an emergency dentist near you. It’s possible for the dentist to reattach the tooth in time.

  • Missing Dental Prosthetics

If you have prosthetics such as crowns, dentures, or fillings, its vital to immediately seek assistance at Colony Dental if anything goes wrong. The possibility of damaging your dental device when it’s not in your mouth is high. Besides, damaged dental equipment is likely to cause other complications to the adjacent soft tissues or teeth. Treatment is, therefore, needed right away.

  • Loose tooth

Tooth luxation might not be considered as an emergency by some people but can really interfere with your eating and speaking habits. This is mostly caused by an injury or tooth grinding habits in some people. It can also lead to swelling, pain, and irritating discomfort.

In the case of a loose tooth due to injury, instantly hold an ice packet against it to prevent swelling or redness. Immediately seek emergency dental care.

  • Bleeding Gums

Although gum bleeding can be primarily caused by a minor injury, severe gum bleeding might be a symptom of an infection or gum disease. This should prompt immediate attention by emergency dentistry in Sugarland, TX. If left unattended, the infection can spread throughout the mouth and progress to periodontal disease and will be hard to treat.

  • Persistent toothaches

Toothaches, just like any other body pain, can easily be treated with over the counter painkillers. If the pain becomes tenacious, it could be a sign of an underlying condition.

Sharp toothaches can indicate tooth decay, dental fracture, sensitive teeth, infected gums, or other conditions affecting the nerves. You need immediate dental care if you experience persistent toothaches.

How Important is Emergency Dentistry?


  • They address severe pain

Be it from a damaged or knocked out tooth, or even from an infection, toothaches can be rather distressing. If you have struck a nerve, the pain can is even sharper. The emergency treatment repairs the damage and alleviates the pain restoring back comfort.

  • It saves your tooth

With direct attention, a knocked-out tooth is possibly salvageable and can be restored back to position. Likewise, a cracked tooth can be treated if you don’t wait long enough for the damage to spread beyond your gum line, in which case it will be hard to save it. Seeking emergency dental attention needs to be your first move in case of an accident.

  • You avoid embarrassment

You might have to deal with the discomfort of appearing in public with a ruined smile due to cracked or a missing tooth. Cosmetic dentistry can correct that for you with devices such as veneers or dental bridges.

Contact us to book an appointment any time you are at an emergency and need immediate dental care for your teeth.