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Preventative dental care in Sugar Land, TX

Would you believe that just a small investment of time and money now could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars later? That is the whole reason Dr. Hassan is a staunch proponent and advocate for preventative dental care in Sugar Land, TX.

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Without a doubt, the best treatment is prevention, and his conservative approach to care hinges on exceptional preventative oral health care. He aims to help his patients achieve the best oral health possible while leaving them educated and empowered to make their own best health care choices! Whether you’re looking for a new dentist or are simply overdue for an exam, then schedule an appointment with Colony Dental today by calling (281) 565-4100 for amazing preventative dental care in Sugar Land, TX .

Amazing Care Starts With An Exceptional Dental Exam

The cornerstone of any exceptional preventative dental care program is the professional cleaning and examination. During this time, Dr. Hassan and his team of thorough dental hygienists work hard to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

After your professional teeth cleaning, Dr. Hassan will perform his exam. Not only will he be looking to identify the early signs of common issues like gingivitis. He prides himself on taking the time with patients to explain what any issues or concerns might be so that you are well-informed and encouraged to make health decisions that are best suited for you, your lifestyle, and your budget. Every comprehensive exam at Colony Dental includes:

X-ray examination

Hassan uses dental X-rays to help determine the condition of the bones of your face and jaw, as well as helping to identify cavities or other issues with your teeth.

Professional teeth cleaning

Your bi-annual professional teeth cleaning help to remove stubborn tartar and plaque that brushing and flossing alone cannot remove.

Check for cavities

Hassan will use your dental X-rays in conjunction with a physical exam to check for any cavities or other conditions of concern.

Oral and dental examination

During this portion of the exam, Dr. Hassan will exam the soft and hard tissues of your mouth as well as other aspects of your oral health to determine your risk for periodontal disease, tooth decay, or other dental diseases.

Oral cancer screening

In addition to a detailed health history, Dr. Hassan will take time to screen you for early signs of oral cancer. Early detection is the best way to treat oral cancer.

Patient education

Taking the time to answer questions is a point of pride for Dr. Hassan. He makes himself available to answer questions and discuss your oral hygiene regimen, goals, lifestyle, diet and any other aspects that may affect your long-term oral health. At no point will you feel pressured to make any unnecessary choices for your care or feel “out of the loop” in terms of your oral health.

Why Does Preventative Dental Care Matter?

Even if you have the best oral hygiene routine, it’s not enough to completely prevent dental health issues. Though you can remove a lot of plaque and bacteria, but any plaque in those hard-to-reach spots turn into tartar, and that can only be removed by a dental hygienist. The best way to prevent gum disease and tooth decay (and loss!) is to make sure you schedule regular teeth cleanings.

At Colony Dental, our goal is to save you time, stress, and money. Preventative dental care is the absolute best way to do this. By addressing dental issues before they can become more serious oral health problems, we can prevent costly and sometimes traumatic procedures and infections. The cornerstone of good oral health really is exceptional preventative care.

How Often Do I Need A Dental Exam?

The American Dental Associated recommends a comprehensive oral exam once every three years at a minimum. However, we believe that to achieve lasting, optimal oral health, you should visit your dentist more frequently. For most individuals, a cleaning and examination twice a year is enough to ensure excellent oral health. If you are genetically predisposed for oral disease, have a history of dental issues, or have other contributing factors, Dr. Hassan may recommend more frequent examinations. Getting scheduled is the first step, so call Colony Dental in Sugar Land, TX today at (281) 565-4100 to schedule your exam!

Exceptional Oral Health Leads To Exceptional Overall Health

Oral and overall health are explicitly linked. In fact, oral health can lead to a wide array of medical complications. Studies show that oral disease can cause numerous systemic medical issues, or make existing medical conditions worse including:

  • Diabetes
  • Pneumonia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Fertility issues, especially for women

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At Colony Dental, you can rest assured that we are a judgement-free practice dedicated to providing care that truly leaves you feeling cared for. If life has kept you busy or you have anxiety about going to the dentist, call Colony Dental today at (281) 565-4100  to schedule a cleaning and exam with a practice that prioritizes your comfort.