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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Sugar Land, TX

Have you ever felt like you had to hide your smile? Avoid being in front of the camera? Hating or hiding your smile is a lot of stress and a lot of work. The overwhelm that can accompany knowing about the sheer amount of work you need can be enough to make you decide to just live with it.

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We get it. But, we really don’t think it has to be stressful, and we certainly don’t think you should live with it.  A full mouth rehabilitation typically involves replacing any missing teeth and restoring damaged or misshapen teeth to create the most beautiful smile possible. You deserve to love your smile.

Creating a beautiful smile requires excellent case planning, an artistic touch, and a high level of technical aptitude. Dr. Hassan has carefully and purposefully honed his clinical skills over his years to make sure that he can give you the full mouth rehabilitation you need right here in his office. At Colony Dental, Dr. Hassan and his team work long hours to ensure that your treatment is as painless, budget-friendly, and stress-free as possible. If you’re ready to return your smile to the beauty and function you deserve, call (281) 565-4100 to schedule a consultation for your full mouth reconstruction in Sugar Land, TX today!

What Is A Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation is typically comprised of multiple treatments that work together to restore the function and appearance of your smile. Where a full mouth restoration replaces teeth, a full mouth rehabilitation focuses on restoring or rebuilding up existing teeth.

Dr. Hassan excels at identify oral health issues and creating customized case-plans with treatments that synergize perfectly, resulting in an exceptional patient experience. He is committed to doing everything he can to give you the smile and care you deserve.

Who Is A Full Mouth Rehabilitation For?

A full mouth rehabilitation should not be confused with a smile makeover, which is typically only concerned about the appearance of your smile. Full mouth rehabilitation includes a series of procedures designed to restore the structural integrity of your oral structures and the functionality of your smile as much as the appearance. Often, we see patients for full mouth rehabilitation who are having issues with:

  • People who have several missing teeth
  • People who have damage from bruxism
  • Those suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Individuals who have experienced severe oral or facial trauma
  • Individuals experiencing highly worn, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth
  • Those with developmental conditions such as hypodontia, oligodontia, and anodontia

What Should I Expect From A Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The process for a full mouth rehabilitation can be a lengthy one; however, most people feel the benefits are well worth the effort.  At Colony Dental, we go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable with and confident in your care. Because of the individualized nature of a full mouth rehabilitation, your treatment plan will be unique to you. However, you can rest easy knowing you will benefit from Dr. Hassan’s extensive experience in case management and the artistic touch he brings to every rehabilitation. Additionally, you’ll benefit from his ability to perform almost all of your treatments right here in his office!

What Procedures Are Part Of A Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The typical full mouth rehabilitation may include an entire series of procedures before it is complete. Dr. Hassan will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that reaches your goals and stays within your budget. Some of the most common treatments are:


A ceramic covering to repair fractured, cracked, or otherwise broken teeth, protecting it from further damage and decay.


Permanent porcelain coverings for your teeth that can help to correct mishappen, stained, gapped, and undersized teeth.


A tooth replacement option utilizing the surrounding teeth to support the restoration.

Gum contouring

Creates a perfectly balanced smile with just the right ratio of gums to teeth.

Tooth extraction

Used to remove damaged and decayed teeth or make room for implants.


Surgically implanted titanium posts can be used to support a wide range of restorations.

How Much Does A Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cost?

The highly variable nature of a full mouth rehabilitation means the cost will be different from patient to patient. Dr. Hassan and his team will provide an individualized quote for all proposed services after your consultation. At Colony Dental, we understand that a full mouth rehabilitation requires a significant investment of both time and money. We are conservative in our treatment plan creation and aim to work with you and your budget. We provide exceptional customer service and make the process as easy as possible. By proudly partnering with CareCredit®, we can offer financing for services insurance does not cover. You deserve to have a smile you love at a price you can afford!

Ready To Get The Beautiful And Functional Smile You Deserve?

If you have been living with a smile that is incomplete, you understand the compromises you have to make and the negative impacts it can have on your self-confidence. At Colony Dental, we are dedicated to returning your smile to 100% functionality as painlessly and stress-free as possible. If you’re ready to see what your smile can truly be, call (281) 565-4100 to schedule a full mouth rehabilitation consultation with an amazing dentist in Sugar Land, TX!