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Most people tend to be fairly regular about check-ups at their doctor’s office, especially for young children or if they require annual physicals. Many patients probably believe that dentist appointments are much less important and that they only need to visit the dentist’s office when they notice something wrong with their teeth or gums. The truth is that regular cleanings and exams are essential to good oral health. Oral issues like cavities and gum disease can develop without any obvious signs until they have reached a more advanced stage, at which point they will require more advanced treatment. To keep your teeth and gums in good health, it’s recommended that you visit your dentist twice a year, about every six months, for exams and cleanings. Colony Dental is available in Sugar Land to provide this service.


The Importance of Exams and Cleanings

Even if you are especially diligent with your brushing and flossing, you won’t be able to remove every trace of plaque and food debris from the tooth surfaces. There are areas in your mouth that you simply can’t reach on your own. When these substances are left in the mouth for extended periods of time, the bacteria living in them produce acids that can start to attack the teeth and gums, leading to cavities or gum disease. Dental cleanings prevent these issues by removing the leftover traces of debris, and if they have started to develop, dental exams catch them early so that they can be treated before they become a bigger problem.

Dental Exams

During your dental exam at Colony Dental, your dentist will check your mouth for signs of plaque and cavities. He or she will also evaluate the health of your gums and check for signs of gum disease. X-rays are usually taken once a year; cavities that can’t be seen with the naked eye will show up on x-rays.

Dental Cleaning

Your cleaning will usually be performed by a dental hygienist. It starts with the removal of plaque and tartar from your teeth up to the gum line. The teeth will then be brushed with a high-powered electric toothbrush using a special toothpaste with a gritty texture. The advantage of having your teeth professionally cleaned is that your hygienist is able to reach the areas in your mouth that you can’t remove all traces of debris. The cleaning will end with professional flossing and a rinse.

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