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Should You Wait To Get Dental Implants?

For a beautiful smile, you need beautiful teeth. If you miss any tooth, it affects your smile’s aesthetic appearance and impacts your functional abilities to chew and bite. It can be very frustrating and embarrassing when you miss any tooth.

It is most likely that your dentist tells you that you need a dental implant if you have lost a tooth. This prospect might seem intimidating to you, so that you are getting it delayed. But the longer you wait to get an implant, and the more intensive your implant surgery will be.

How Long You Need To Wait To Get A Dental Implant?

It is best to decide to replace your missing tooth using a dental implant. You will find this replacement the best, more stable restorations that are available with incredible results. So how long you need to wait to get it depends on how many tissue structures and bone are present after extraction. Your length of treatment will be determined after taking a 3D scan of that area.

Immediate Placement

If sufficient bone is present around the extraction area, it is easy to stabilize the dental implant. It takes 3-6 months for the implant to fuse into the bone through osseointegration, after which a prosthetic crown is placed. Implants restore the tooth’s function and form fully and give incredible results.

Early Placement

When an implant is done within 2-3 months after the extraction, it is referred to early placement. It is necessary for early placement within these months as bone resorption occurs within the first three months after the tooth extracted.

Delayed Placement

If there is no insufficient amount of bone present at the extraction site, bone grafting is needed to be done before your implant is placed. After grafting the bone, you need to wait 3-6 months to heal and then your site will be ready for the implant. There will be additional 3-6 months will be required to fit your permanent prosthetic crown.

Why Get Dental Implants?

Although the procedure is quite lengthy, the results are worth to wait. Getting a dental implant is the best alternative to your natural, healthy teeth. They are stable and for a long time, offering you a permanent solution to restore your missing tooth’s feel, look, and function. As implants act just like natural tooth roots, they help you preserve your bone. If you give proper care, your dental implants will last for a lifetime.

Where to Get Dental Implant?

Many places are offering dental implants these days. If you are looking for a quality dental implant, you can contact Colony Dental. You will learn more about how to restore your missing teeth after you get an implant. You will be answered all your queries, and you will get the best treatment option depending on your condition.

Colony Dental is determined to provide the best services to its patients, so you can trust us to restore your beautiful smile with quality lifetime tooth placement.