Veneers in Sugar Land, TX


Teeth take quite a beating over the course of a lifetime. They can become stained, decayed, damaged, and infected. The foods and drinks you consume can discolor your smile. As a result, when your teeth are not as long as bright as they once were, it can affect your self-esteem. Then, you avoid showing your teeth. So, don’t hide your smile. Instead, contact Colony Dental to find out about how veneers can restore your beautiful smile.

At Colony Dental we have the best minds to do the job for you and offer the best treatment as far as veneers in Sugar Land, TX are concerned.


Dental Veneers in Sugar Land

Dental veneers are composite resin or porcelain shells created to look just like your natural teeth. They are easily placed and can be applied by your dentist in Sugar Land in only two appointments.

Whether constructed of resin or porcelain, veneers are very strong and durable. Both materials are long-lasting. Therefore, veneers allow you to eat what you want and smile freely. When applied properly, quality veneers can last for a decade or more. This means you can enjoy life without worrying about your smile for many years.

Schedule an appointment at Colony Dental in Sugar Land to get an evaluation. Your dentist in Sugar Land will answer any questions and discuss the benefits of dental veneers.


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