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Visits to Emergency Dentistry

You fall off your bike and a tooth falls out of your mouth which you pick up calmly and walk away. The kid’s baby tooth is hanging on despite his twisting and pulling and you’re not comfortable about pulling it out. You have had root canal therapy and the dentist confirmed everything was okay but you have a swelling on your face with throbbing in your tooth and bleeding from the gums. These are instances that you can encounter even if it’s midnight.

Dental problems can occur at any time making it difficult for you to tell whether it is an emergency or not. As a victim, you may have a different thought than your dentist but on some occasions, visiting an emergency dental clinic near you will not only help to find relief from the problem but will also leave you with peace of mind. Let us look at some instances when it will become imperative for you to seek emergency dental treatment from a provider offering emergency dentistry.

Dental Pain

Wisdom teeth are involved in several dental emergencies because the gum tissue around them becomes infected. However, emergencies can also occur because of trauma to the lips or the tongue. Pain in the jaw or fractures can also be considered as a dental emergency.

Throbbing, sharp, severe, and persistent dull pain in the tooth should not be endured especially when emergency dentistry in Sugar land is available to help you. This clinic does not want you to remain at home in pain and is prepared to take care of you.

Knocked-out Teeth

Replacing a permanent tooth that has separated from its socket must be done at the earliest. Handling the separated tooth with care can help you to save it. Care must be taken to prevent the tooth from drying out.

The root surface of the tooth must not be touched or scrubbed but it must be held by the Crown. If the tooth has dirt on it it should be rinsed without trying to remove any cells or tissue from the tooth. The empty tooth socket may also be rinsed. Putting the tooth back into the socket if possible is suggested by experts. However, if it’s not possible that should be placed in the cheek and held between the gums. Attempting to reach an emergency dentist within 30 minutes is essential for replacing the tooth into its socket.

Aesthetic Emergencies

If you encounter an aesthetic emergency on dental work you had completed before an important social event it would be distressing. You may have had the dental work completed to close gaps between your teeth and suddenly find the dental work slipping out of your mouth. In such cases, emergency dentists will make every effort to ensure they address the problem and restore the good appearance of your teeth.

Bleeding and Swelling

Swelling is another indication of a possible dental emergency. Any swelling in the mouth with pain is usually an abscess which is an infection from a tooth. The sooner the infection is treated the better it will be for you to get on with life.

Sometimes you may have swelling without pain and it may not seem urgent. However, it should be evaluated by a dentist as soon as possible. Swelling in the mouth could be related to a variety of health issues that could be from a swollen salivary gland or even cancer. It is suggested that you don’t assume the painless swelling will disappear but to consider it seriously.

Finding An Emergency Dentist When Required Most

Finding an emergency dentist when you are in distress can be challenging and send you searching for a dental office close by only to find the clinic is either overcrowded or is unable to attend your problem. However, if you have a regular dental home like emergency dentistry in Sugar land, TX, it will be invaluable when an emergency occurs. It will give you the confidence to call the office whenever you face an emergency. As a regular patient, they will be willing to get you in immediately as you arrive as they would have your record.

If for any reason you cannot get to your regular dentist we suggest that you schedule an appointment with Colony Dental that always has an extra chair for patients with emergencies. After the emergency has been taken care of making it a point to inform your regular dentist that you have been through a dental emergency and request a follow-up appointment.

Being prepared for an emergency is any day better than dealing with one in the middle of the night. One way of being prepared is to have regular dental checkups that may help to prevent emergencies in the future by allowing dentists to detect and treat trouble spots early on. Building a relationship with the dental office can also be helpful especially during emergencies if you have to call in and request an appointment at odd hours.