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Can Birth Control Increase My Chance of Gum Disease?

Women have to make plenty of big decisions throughout their life – one of those being when to have children. This means most women have to make a decision at some point about birth control. Pregnancy causes an increased chance of gum disease. However, you can also have an increased chance due to some birth controls. 


Today, women have a variety of birth control methods to choose from all with their own varying levels of hormones and some side effects. Hormones impact body changes, mood, emotions, appetite, and a woman’s overall health. These side effects can have an impact on a woman’s overall health, including her oral health. How are they connected? To understand the connection between birth control and oral health, we must first understand how hormonal changes can impact oral health.


Hormones (or estrogen) flow through your veins which impacts the blood vessels. Because of the large amounts of hormones, many pregnant women experience gum disease symptoms such as swollen or bleeding gums. However, you don’t have to be pregnant to be susceptible to gum disease. Some birth control options also increase estrogen levels, causing much of the same effect. And, women who already have gingivitis are at an increased risk for gum disease while using hormone-based birth control. 


The good news is there are some things you can do to help lower your risk of gum disease if you’re taking birth control medication. First and foremost, practice a consistent, daily habit of brushing and flossing. If you’re unsure if your technique is effective, we can provide guidance and training to make sure you’re performing these tasks properly. You should also visit us at least twice a year for office cleanings and checkups, no matter how effective you are with brushing and flossing. If it has been a while since you have visited us at Colony Dental in Sugar Land, TX, be sure to schedule an appointment.